Anatomy of a Player

Anatomy of a Player

It’s time for a look at another aspect of the game – the anatomy of a player. In this post we will run through the skills and attributes that define a player, and also talk a little about how these are all trained.   Attributes and Skills First off, it is important to understand the […]


Decks, Cards, Slots, Tokens, Pay-to-Win & Pay-for-Variety

Many in the BR community have talked about Pay-to-Win (PTW) and the new version, so we thought it time to discuss it. In this post we will explain a little about the card engine the game has added, and talk about tokens – how you get them and what they can be used for. Lastly we will talk about the business model, Pay-to-Win (PTW) and what we have coined Pay-for-Variety (PFV).

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